Insight 2017

Masters of JustFood Seminar

Connect with current JustFood customers and product experts as they share everything they know about JustFood ERP software.

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Join us in Toronto on Monday, June 19, 2017

The Masters of JustFood Seminar is your chance to connect with food industry peers, JustFood customers and product experts for an afternoon of knowledge sharing, learning and fun. You will have an opportunity to hear and speak with the people who use JustFood to run their food business. We will also be joined by Ultra Consultants, as they moderate an interactive and informative roundtable discussion. Hosted at the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto, this exclusive afternoon event will give you a chance to speak directly with customers that have successfully implemented JustFood into every part of their business.

Enterprise-class ERP solution for food

Learn how JustFood helps food manufacturers and distributors improve food safety practices, streamline operational efficiency and manage business growth.

Talk with customers and product experts

Network with our community of JustFood customers as well as other food companies that are also working towards an investment in ERP purpose-built for food.

Find answers to questions

Put your business challenges in front of people who have had similar experiences to learn how they’ve applied JustFood to help their business take the next step.

Seminar Sessions

The JustFood team will be hosting a wide variety of educational, technical and collaborative sessions.

Intro to JustFood

Explore the benefits of integrating sales, finance, manufacturing, warehouse, inventory and operations into one system, empowering all departments to access the most accurate and up-to-date data.

Calculating ROI

Learn how to develop an ERP business case by measuring the costs against both the tangible benefits like reduced levels of inventory and labor costs, and the intangible ones, such as error reduction and regulatory compliance.

Change Management

Get a better understanding of how to achieve buy-in from your entire organization to address their concerns about changes to how they manage everything from high-level reporting and oversight down to shipping and sorting processes on the shop floor.

Built for the Cloud

Learn how the cloud provides you with additional data security, greater stability, a more streamlined implementation and the ability to access JustFood from any device.

Customer Talks

Our roundtable sessions are designed to get you face-to-face with our customers to ask questions, hear stories and learn about the unique challenges they were able to solve.

Evening Social

Join us for cocktails and dinner and keep the discussion going. Engage with our food industry experts, network with your peers and continue learning from our JustFood users.


Take part in roundtable discussions led by JustFood customers and moderated by independent ERP experts Ultra Consultants.

Michael Givens

President and Owner
La Rocca Creative Cakes

Julia Selby

VP of Business Development
Food For Tots

Alex Scheler

Director of IT

Jon Yerrick

Director of IT
Main Street Gourmet

Walter Surman

Jan K. Overweel

Rich Sides

Partner and COO
Ultra Consultants

Boris Harmic

Director of IT

Bob Andorfer

Director of Sales
Excalibur Seasonings

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