Full-Scale Food Distributor Benjamin Foods Improves Inventory Accuracy with Food Distribution Software from JustFoodERP

Having the right food distribution software literally keeps your business moving – ensuring inventory levels that maximize cash flows and profitability, managing food safety compliance across your supply chain, and other high-priority goals. Software for food distribution lets you achieve:

  • Warehouse management including bin level management, pick algorithms based on first-expiry principals, as well handheld integration for receiving, quality, putaway, pick and ship.
  • Route planning for direct store delivery (DSD) environments.
  • The ability to meet strict food safety requirements in full, including lot traceability and recalls.
  • Management of multiple sales order processes such as EDI, spot orders and shadow orders.
  • Full inventory management to see product availability based on forecasted supply and demand. Inventory visibility for everyone in the company – on the warehouse and administration sides.
  • Integrated customer service with immediate access to credit management, order status, claims processing, etc.
  • The ability to manage pricing and costing for real profitability, such as trade promotion.

What is ERP and Why Does it Matter for Food Distribution?

Enterprise resource management (ERP) software is a type of business system that ties together departments and functions across your organization – from finance, sales and marketing and purchasing, to production, warehouse, quality management and more.

The food distribution software, JustFoodERP, is powered by Microsoft Dynamics ERP - the fastest growing ERP system in the world - with an additional deep level of food industry-specific functionalities. With razor-thin margins and performance metrics demanded by mass merchandisers and other customers, having efficient business processes for food distribution has never been more important. JustFoodERP will get you there.

"JustFoodERP software allows our purchasers to stay on top of keeping the inventory coming in that we need to continue generating sales...I'm able to see what's happening every minute of every day in real time."

Mark OltmanCFO, Benjamin Foods

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