Announcing JustFood 2018

Working with JustFood is now even easier.

A broad set of food-specific features makes everything in your company a lot simpler.

Gain greater insights from reporting analytics.

Enhanced business intelligence tools measure, monitor and visualize the metrics that matter.

Get even more from your business software.

Extend the capabilities of JustFood or make it work seamlessly with your other business applications.

The best food software in the world just got even better.

By taking advantage of recent advancements in Microsoft`s cloud business, JustFood 2018 makes it easier for food manufacturers and distributors to understand every facet of their business. From reporting and analytics to a simplified user experience, getting the insight you need to make better business decisions has never been simpler. We`ve improved our add-on options, and JustFood has a new and extensive API library to make integrating other business software easy.

Still the best user experience.

From collaboration with other users to management of your own work, the new JustFood has an intuitive and greatly simplified interface.

  • A new Tasks window allows users to assign work to themselves or others.
  • Seven role centers have enhanced web client functionality and accept new record creation.
  • A new method for cancelling or correcting job-related posted invoices and for posting credit memos makes those jobs faster and easier.
  • New employee ledger entries include employee account types and payments.
  • There is a simpler process to manage product recalls.
  • Posting setup is improved, and there are new missing posting notifications.
  • Quality Setup has a more intuitive workflow.
  • Users can personalize their web experience.

Gain greater insights from analytics and reporting.

Monitoring the right set of data helps optimize business performance. From upgraded built-in reporting, to integration with our new analytics solution, JustFood 2018 places your key metrics at your fingertips.

  • The Power BI Reports FactBox is now available from a variety of List windows.
  • You can pre-populate report selection-logistics.
  • Preview reports in any browser.
  • The optional Analytics for JustFood solution is now available.

Upgraded integrations and add-ons

The addition of a new API and upgrades to add-on options for JustFood help it add even more value to all parts of your organization.

  • An extensive API library lets developers to create connected apps in JustFood.
  • JustFood Floor, Plant and Scheduler now fully support authentication with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Use Boolean and code values in JustFood Floor while performing quality audits.
  • Customize JustFood Floor setup by location.

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